Seed — the logic of comedy

Another Huff Post piece:

Seed and the Logic of the Sitcom

I’m trying different types of posts to see what people respond to (my last few posts have all received at least a few comments in the comments section — and comments are kind of how you gauge whether people are engaged). This is probably the first time (at Huffingtonpost) where I did essentially a review/analysis of a single program (as opposed to looking at broader ideas referencing various things). Though it has broader implications (being inspired by Seed having been renewed…despite lacklustre ratings).

I wasn’t sure if I should pick on Seed, given I’ve written about it before (as an example of what I find annoying: a Canadian series that pretends it’s not Canadian). But there were just some thoughts I had about why it’s not as funny as it should be (in my opinion, of course) and with tepid ratings, maybe the filmmakers need to consider the constructive criticism and not just the fawning praise.

The gist of my argument? The characters seem too much like sitcom caricatures. Yet in most comedies, the characters still have to seem like 3-D people (even if weird or eccentric people). And they’re not particularly endearing caricatures, either.

Feel free to hop over to that post and agree or disagree.

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