The Changing Face of Canadiana in TV Science Fiction

Another Huff Post link:

Canadian TV Shows Set in Ambiguousville, North America

Admittedly, covering things I’ve written about here in the past. Still, check it out. Looking at the evolving idea of a “Canadian” presence in series, from Orphan Black’s Anytown, North America to Continuum’s slowly more defiant Vancouver.

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  1. Television in Canada officially began with the opening of the nation’s first television stations in Montreal and Toronto in 1952. It did its best to hide the city in which it was supposed to take place for a good long while before it became more and more overtly Canadian as the seasons went by. By the time it was over, it was absolutely a Toronto-based show with many actual streets and places representing themselves. Looking at Flashpoint, Murdoch Mysteries and even Little Mosque on the Prairie as well as other shows set in Canada – and their popularitiy overseas if not necessarily in the US, I think it we can finally tell stories set here with no worries it will diminish its appeal. Very helpful information. Thanks for sharing.