Hollywood…and The Global Village

Another Huff Post link:

Hollywood’s Dirty Secret: The World Actually Exists

I kind of liked this piece (Okay, I generally like what I write). But I mean in the sense that it looks at something from an (I think) alternate view. And really, that’s the main reason I write — just to get people to think about things, regardless of whether they end up agreeing or disagreeing.

Now normally I write about Canadian movies and TV, but this time I looked at American TV, and how it’s very American-centric — which, on the surface, is fine! No problem with that. BUT…is that healthy, even for Americans, to kind of have the world edited out of their perspective?

What particularly got me thinking about this was the new American series Defiance, which is shot in Canada, with an international cast…yet is set in America about Americans, even though the metaphor, the very message at the show’s heart, is one of different cultures working together! So the show is talkin’ the talk…but is it walkin’ the walk?

Nor do I let Canadian filmmakers off without a a finger wag.

As I say: I liked my piece, but maybe the concept was a bit too abstract or esoteric, or counter-intuitive. ‘Cause at the writing of this, the few comments (well, 3) left by readers…aren’t really commenting on the point I was trying to make!

So (hint) feel free to read it and leave comments at Huff Post!

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