The Pluses in Canadian TV

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I kind of lean against the wind and point out that in all the heartfelt complaints about, and kneejerk disparaging of, Canadian TV…can the argument be made that the glass is half full?

Is Canadian TV Better Than We Admit?

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2 Responses to The Pluses in Canadian TV

  1. Glenne Campbell says:

    I am so happy to have stumbled upon your website and work!
    I have a question for you regarding all the Canadian movies and movies about Canadians.
    Are any of the movies about elections in Canada?

    As you may know, we have a provincial election coming up in BC , and I am hoping to add Canadian movies to a list of political election movies for a story for our local newspaper. Your list of Canadian movies is so extensive, I realize I don’t have enough time to watch them all to find the political election themed ones. So I am really hoping you might have a name or ten to forward to me. If there aren’t any, maybe we should be encouraging our writers to get busy!
    Cheers, Glenne Campbell

    • Administrator says:

      Despite politics being great grist for drama (and comedy) — and a way to tell “Canadian” stories — Canadian political dramas are few. At least entirely fictional ones. There are various bio-pics from Trudeau to John A: Birth of a Country to Prairie Giant (Tommy Douglas) to Jack (Jack Layton) and others. They all have election scenes/aspects but I’m not sure there have been too many specifically focusing on elections (save maybe Jack). In fiction there was the great political thriller, H2O (starring Paul Gross), and the Quebec satirical mini-series, Si la tendance se maintient (with Michel Cote) but, again, not exclusively about elections.

      I’m not sure Canada has ever produced something like The Candidate, The Ides of March, or Recount.