Canadian TV Too Sexy?…and Star Trek: Kirk vs. Kirk!

Okay, yeah, that title’s an odd combo but I realized I forget to mention a previous post a few days ago — so I’m covering two at once. So, two links to Huffington Post pieces I did:

Is Canadian TV Too Safe or Too Sexy? – which looks at the different cultural (and broadcast) standards between Canada and the United States…and the irony that people often make the kneejerk claim that Canadian TV is more conservative, when there are things that get broadcast on mainstream Canadian networks that would never be allowed on comparable American networks.


For the SF crowd, Star Trek: Into the Darkness — Would the Original Captain Kirk Like the Modern Kirk? — I point out there are some philosophical differences between the original Captain Kirk (played by William Shatner) and the new one (played by Chris Pine). And what does that say about changing times, and our vision of “heroism”?

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