What Lurks Behind TV’s “Motive”?

Another link to a Huffington Post piece by moi.

From Wojeck to Flashpoint: The CanCon Roots of TV’s Motive

(In which I reference everything from Motive to The Murdoch Mysteries, from Street Legal to Neon Rider, from Cracked to Saving Hope to Night Heat…and U.S. series like Columbo, Miami Vice and House! — trust me, it all holds together).

As regular visitors to this blog know (assuming such animals exist!) a theme with me is pop culture as a whole — an “industry” as much as the “individual”. Sometimes it’s healthy — even important — to acknowledge what went before. In Hollywood, filmmakers are often happy to cite influences and inspirations. Yet in Canadian film & TV there’s often a desire on the part of filmmakers to pretend that nothing came before them…or to snidely dismiss past efforts as terrible.

But you know the old adage about “standing on the shoulders of giants” right? Or how about “no man is an island”?

So I just wanted to look at how past Canadian TV series may have influenced modern ones.

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