Canadian Screen Awards

Another link to a Huffington Post piece by me:

Controversy at the Canadian Screen Awards

Funnily, I wrote this deliberately to try and be topical since Huffington often doesn’t put my posts on a main page, I assume ’cause they figure I’m not always writing on “top 40” topics. So I figured “how more current could ya get than writing about the Canadian Screen Awards a few days before they air and just after the Oscars…when people are still in a kind of awards show mood?” As well, my point –’cause I always have a point — was to do one of those who should win/will win/wasn’t even frickin’ nominated editorials…y’know, the sort of thing people write about the Oscars and the Emmies but rarely about Canadian awards.

And it still didn’t seem to get a prominent placing! (Well, that I could see — though I did receive one or two e-mails about it, implying somehow people found it…though still no comments in the comments section).

I just mention all this because, in a sense, it becomes its own subject for a blog — “The Behind the Scenes Misadventures of a Would-Be Huffington Post Blogger!”

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