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Since a big focus of this blog tends to relate to Canadian movies and TV, perhaps it’s worth taking a moment to mention a couple of related sites.

A time or two I’ve referred to TV, Eh? — it’s a website that basically acts as a clearing house of links to on-line articles and interviews relating to Canadian-made TV programs. As well as offering a regular podcast where the founders of the site pontificate and kibitz about the same topic. It’s great little one-stop spot for those interested in finding interviews with Canadian actors, or news and rumours on up-coming, or already airing, series. Y’know, the sort of stuff your local paper generally tends to wipe from the printing plates the moment someone spots a baby bump on a Kardashian or something equally momentous. I think TV, Eh? is currently going on a bit of a summer hiatus (presumably because the TV scheduled itself is less robust in the dog days) though I think it will still be up-dated when warranted.

Another site is Canuxploitation — which takes as its focus Canadian movies, particularly those of the “genre” and so-called “exploitation” bent. Ie: horror films, action, even the occasional soft core sex. Basically, the kind of films that aren’t usually first to be cited in learned articles about the history of Canadian cinema. Unlike my short, capsule reviews at my Great Canadian Guide to the Movies & TV site, the movie reviews at Canuxploitation are longer and more involved. And, best of all, don’t always agree with my reviews of the same films! Oh, sure, that’s crushing to my ego and my self-assumed position as a font of unassailable absolute truths…but it’s better for the discourse. After all, it’d be pretty dull if two sites about Canadian film…just offered the same point of view. (Though I’m sure we agree on some).

Canuxploitation also boasts articles (not just opinions) and has an accompanying blog where it sometimes entertains posts by guest bloggers. Which is actually where I come in. ‘Cause I was actually quite nicely asked to contribute to their recurring “Top 5” posts. Those are posts where various Canadian film sorts — from filmmakers to pundits — offer up personal lists of “top” Canadian films in assorted categories. I had fun coming up with a couple of quirky categories (Top 5 Canadian Modes of Mayhem and a Top 5 relating to actor Michael Ironside) but there are other pieces by other contributors there, as well.

Anyway, so whenever I’m boring the beejeezus out of you — as I’m sure I do frequently — those are some other sites to check out if your interest is Canadian film & TV.

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