Another Science Fiction Story…

Yup…shameless self-promotion time:

A science fiction story of mine is posted at the webzine Daily Science Fiction — it’s essentially what you’d call “flash fiction”. That is, it’s a short-short story that can be read in less than 5 minutes. Titled “The Prisoners”, it can be read here. (hint hint)

It’s a bit expositional (a necessity of the short word count) but I like it. Given that a recurring theme in many of my blog posts (since many relate to Canadian film, TV, and cultural identity) I wonder if the story could be seen as reflecting a Canadian perspective. That wasn’t deliberate, as the story makes no explicit allusion to earth, but looking at it after the fact, I wonder if some of the themes it touches on are different than you might expect from an American writer. Maybe yes? Maybe no? Who knows?

Daily SF also posted an earlier flash fiction story of mine, called “Hypotheticals”…that one can still be read here.

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