A Science Fiction Story

Despite this being my blog — I feel odd about using it for self-promotion, feeling I should be talking about other things. Which is sort of weird (after all, commenting and opining is, itself, narcassistic). But, anyway, I just thought I’d take a moment to draw attention to a story I had published on the webzine Escape Pod — partly because it was published as part of an audio webzine, which means there’s a guy reading the story (in addition to posting the story text). And, I’ll admit — that was kind of cool. Hearing another artist interpret your words can be problematic, but I enjoyed Josh Roseman’s reading — particularly the quirky way he did the narration (the story is a science fiction tale told from a robot’s POV). It was almost like hearing a dramatization of my story.

Called “Marking Time on the Far Side of Forever”, it was first published about a decade ago in the magazine Prairie Fire, a “special” mammoth issue with a variety of categories, and award winning science fiction author, Robert J. Sawyer, selected those for the SF category.

I have bittersweet feelings toward this story — personally it’s one of my favourites of what I’ve written, and a few other family members told me it was among the best things I ever wrote (and the Escape Pod forum has a number of nice comments). So why is that “bitter“-sweet? Well…one would like to think my “best” is still ahead of me!

Anyway, for those as are curious about me putting my money where my mouth is (particularly given how much time I spend commenting and critiquing the works of others) here’s a link…


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