45 minute BBC Radio drama (from 2014) in which a well known author is embarrassingly “outted” for having posted on-line reviews (under the user name “chiwawa”) — reviews not only praising his own books, but dissing the books of competing writers. So his good-hearted personal assistant (Pippa Nixon) is offered a deal (and pressured) to falsely claim she was responsible for the posts.

A kind of quietly low-key drama/social satire that feels like it takes the themes of some old tale about morals and mores and rephrases it for the modern world — as if G.B. Shaw had written a play about the internet and 21st Century celebrity! Good performances (the cast including Fenella Woolgar and Michael Bertenshaw) and sharp, clever dialogue makes it all crisp and clippie — it’s a drama, but the sly dialogue is also quite witty. My main quibble is one of production — some of the voices of the female actors are similar to each other, so I had (a bit of) trouble distinguishing characters in some scenes. But other than that — quite good. Script writer Melissa Murray also wrote the radio play Theremin which I also quite liked.

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