Asha’s World

45 min. BBC Radio comedy (or maybe light drama) from 2011 by Bettina Gracias. Archie Panjabi plays Asha, a young Anglo-India woman whose traditionalist Indian mother sets her up on a blind date. Not wanting to go, Asha lets her man-hungry best friend go in her stead, pretending to be her. Confusion and complications ensue because of the switched identities…especially when Asha actually does start to get interested in the guy.

Enjoyable enough, with good performances from Panjabi and the rest. But it can feel a bit like, well, just a sitcom — and a mildly amusing one more than a knee slapping hilarious one. The fact that the play essentially comes down seeming in favour of arranged marriages (in that Asha does end up liking the guy) can be seen as a cultural statement, or simply a quirky narrative choice (though in this kind of story, honestly, you can kind of guess it’s going to go that way).

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