Still here!

I haven’t posted much recently for largely technical reasons. I mean, partly it was because I’d been sending most of my blog essays to Huffington Post Canada — but I wasn’t even linking to them from here which I had been doing initially.

But for some reason, I literally couldn’t post anything here! — I’d write it, hit save…and it would vanish!

I think I’ve now solved that glitch (obviously, since you’re reading this) so I might start posting again. Maybe with new posts, or maybe just linking to Huffpost pieces I might write.

I sort of have been thinking about shifting the focus (given I write about Canadian film/tv at Huffpost and The Great Canadian Guide to the Movies & TV) and maybe do a blog about audio/radio dramas! (Another passion of mine).

I haven’t decided, but now that I can post again — at least I have the option!

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