Rockin’ the Medical Drama Cliches

Another Huff Post link:

You Should be Watching Hard Rock Medical

A piece/review about the new medical drama, Hard Rock Medical, which is a lot better — and a lot more mainstrean and populist –than I’m guessing its airing on the PBS station, TV Ontario, might lead potential viewers to believe. Honestly? I’m enjoying it more than Saving Hope.

A funny thing I didn’t address much in my post, but is worth noting, is that Hard Rock Medical is a half hour drama (or comedy-drama) — and it manages that running time quite well. Although half-hour dramas were common in the 1950s and early 1960s, over the years it’s become assumed a “drama” will run an hour. And the occasional experiments with going back to the half-hour format (including spawning the so-called “dramedy“) have usually been unsuccesful. But Hard Rock Medical’s scripts do it well, feeling as meaty and rich as an hour…but at half the time!

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