Sitcoms, Satisfaction, Sexism and the Status Quo

Another Huff Post link:

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction (referencing the CTV sitcom, Satisfaction)

Part of my point in doing posts was to try and treat Canadian films and TV as part of the social discourse. That is, critics and bloggers will write about American series and their meaning and controversy, writing about whether Two Broke Girls is offensive, or what Mad Men says about mores. Yet when they write about Canadian stuff, it’s basically just to say: “Oh, isn’t that cute — you made a widdle TV show did you? Good for you.” So I try to occasionally delve into bigger issues as though Canadian film and TV…matters. Race. Gender. Identity. Right/Left.

So I drew a bead on the new CTV sitcom Satisfaction.

I was a little dubious about the title the editors chose. My original title — “Sitcoms, Satisfaction, Sexism and the Status Quo” — was admittedly a mouthful (though I thought the alliteration made it amusing) but I used it because I figured a title is what’s going to decide whether the reader clicks on the article. So that tells people it’s about “Satisfaction”. And for those who haven’t seen or even heard of Satisfaction, it tells them it’s about “Sitcoms”. And it tells them it’s going to be controversial and incendiary by referencing “Sexism”.

I’m not sure calling it “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” really gives any hint as to what the piece is about (given Satisfaction has only just started airing, and I’m guessing isn’t a runaway hit, I doubt many people would even make the connection to the sitcom!) So I doubt too many people will end up reading it. Ah, well. Such is the bloggers life.

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