The (White) Face of Canadian TV & Film

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The (White) Face of Canadian TV and Film

I’ve been writing a bunch of Huffingpost pieces for the last few months, and had been doing this blog for a year or so before that, and posting essays on my Great Canadian Guide to the Movies & TV website for years before that — and honestly, I’m not sure if I’m contributing anything, or if I’m really saying anything of value (I was hoping to see Huffington Post Canada start building up a stable of bloggers writing about “issues” involving Canadian entertainment, the way bloggers write about American movies and TV).

I keep thinking maybe I should wind down and leave it to others. I don’t know (and I’ve still got a few posts drafted, both for Huff post and for this blog) but I wonder. Still, if I do wrap it up at some point, I figured there were a few things worth getting down in black & white first in the hopes of provoking thought (rather than stopping and then months later thinking, man, I never wrote about that). And so this post — about racial representation (or lack thereof) in Canadian movies and TV — was one of the main ones (and basically arises out of my other pet issue, Canadian culture and identity — that stories are better if we embrace plurality).

As usual, I’m hoping it might stir some debate. Maybe spark a thought in a “real” editorialist to write about the topic — y’know, someone who people actually read. But, as usual…I don’t think it will. Oh well.

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