Entertainment is Education

Another link to a Huffington post piece.

Entertainment IS Education — or, “where’s a time travelling Canadian TV hero when you need him?” In which I discuss the way pop culture influences our real world knowledge, and how that relates to Canadian culture. And I reference Argo, Superman, Doctor Who, Star Trek, The Murdoch Mysteries, Canadian science fiction, and more, and I pose the eternal question: just how the heck do Canadians know who George Washington is anyway? Seriously — think about that one.

Sadly, a lot of my posts at Huffington get kind of buried (not appearing on the main page or the entertainment section) — I guess even the editors don’t think I’m writing anything people want to read. Sob! Fortunately I have an incredibly resilient ego…

Still, one can’t help but notice a correlation between the number of comments my pieces get when they appear on a main page (a few) and when they don’t (none). Alas.

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