The Great Canadian…Super Heroes!

I tend not to use this blog for self-promotion too much — but then again, why have a blog if not hoping it will be advantageous?
And this ties into my recurring themes, so here goes:
As I’ve mentioned before, I sometimes do a bit of fiction writing. And a story of mine is slatted to appear in an up-coming fantasy anthology in 2013 called Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Hero Stories.
It’s a collection of prose stories playing in the sand box of the super hero idiom — following in the trail of such anthologies as George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards and others. As the title indicates, part of the gimmick is to present an anthology of super hero tales specifically set in Canada. This kind of relates to my recurring themes about Canadiana, and Canadian identity, in a pop cultural context. This ain’t the Can Lit of Margaret Atwood and Alice Munro but a collection of pulp entertainment tales of fantasy and adventure transpiring in the Great White North.
So if that sounds like fun, or just intriguing, head over to the publisher’s web site — here — and reserve your copy today! Or if you’re a film producer looking for properties to option — hey, who knows? There might be something there (obviously, I haven’t read any of the other contributors yet but the descriptions look interesting).
My contribution is a story called “The Secret History of the Intrepids” and it was a story I first conceived over a decade ago, combining two of my passions: super heroes and Canadiana…but I doubted I’d ever find an appropriate market for it. A super hero story…set in an alternate reality Canadian history? I figured an editor interested in a super hero story would balk at the Canadian aspect…and a publisher interested in Canadiana would turn his nose up at the pulp fiction sensibilities of the genre.

And just to pique your curiosity, I’m going to say it may well be a unique twist on the super hero genre…specifically the notion of alter egos. I don’t mean that to be smug or self-aggrandizing. Indeed, I hadn’t been thinking about that when I wrote it. It was just after the fact, when I thought about the core idea of my story, and thought about the long history of super hero stories in comic books, movies, novels, radio, that I realized that I’m not sure I’ve ever read (or heard of) another story to use the same conceit (and I’ve got file boxes full of comics sagging in on each other in another room — they’re actually becoming a safety hazard).

Maybe someone has done it before — I’ve just never heard of it.

And, yes, of course I‘m being vague and deliberately trying to pique your curiosity — I’d like you to buy the book (or at least, be aware of it, and to think about whether it sounds interesting).

So…Masked Mosaic, from Tyche Books, edited by Camille Alexa & Claude Lalumière and including The Secret History of the Intrepids…possibly the most innovative idea for a super hero story ever!!!

Or, y’know…not. (Okay, probably not…but maybe).

Only one way to find out…

Post script: I write more about this here, once the book was published.

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