The 33 Hottest Canadian Babes circa 2012! (Part 2)

Continuing from last time my list (not so much a countdown) of the 33 most beautiful Canadian actresses, famous and not so much (yet)…

Sarah Allen

Sarah Allen – I first noticed her in the medical drama Jozi-H and she’s a beautiful actress with a likeability — that actually does her in good stead when cast against type. As the somewhat sociopathic anti-heroine of the slightly tongue-in-cheek noir thriller, Stripped Naked, she was engaging…even when her character wasn’t!

Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell – Campbell began her career in Canada (including on the teen drama Catwalk), achieved international fame on the U.S. series Party of Five and in the Scream movies, and is more a Hollywood actress these days. But she still tends to crop up in Canadian things — though usually international co-productions where you’d only realize it was Canadian if you paid attention to the fine print! She first came to fame as a young, beautiful ingénue…but has matured quite nicely, a few crows feet actually enhancing her allure. And with an intense, charismatic presence.

Lexa Doig

Lexa Doig – whether or not it’s the career she wanted, Doig has become something of a sci-fi/genre staple in Canada (from Andromeda to StarGate to Continuum and a few B-movies as well) and as a performer seems to get better n’ better, building on the physical attractiveness nature gave her.

Gina Holden

Gina Holden – a “classical” beauty, she’s had leading parts…albeit in lesser vehicles (Flash Gordon, Screamers 2) but at least can make the claim that she often seems more engaging than her material!

Stana Katic

Stana Katic – Katic’s Canadian roles have been next to nil (although she does have the distinction of having played a Canadian, briefly, in the James Bond movie Quantum of Solace). Though there’s an irony in that she stars in the popular American comic-mystery series Castle…opposite another Canadian, Nathan Fillion. And in Castle she gets to play beauty and brains, sexy and tough…not a bad showcase. And her eccentric turn in the movie, The Spirit, was a high point in a problematic film.

Jessica Parker Kennedy

Jessica Parker Kennedy – okay, definitely belonging in the “wait and see” category, Kennedy is exotically beautiful, but I haven’t seen her in enough (or in good enough roles) to quite decide how good she is. But she certainly exudes a personability that makes you want to see what she can do in time.

Carmen Moore

Carmen Moore – has grown as an actress over the years, and was maybe stifled a bit by “traditional” Native Indian roles (there’s only so much you can do with “stoic Indian maiden” roles), but has made a good impression with less clichéd, more rounded parts, such as the sassy bartender in Godiva’s, the matronly manager in Arctic Air, and the social activist in Blackstone. I’m so far ambivalent about the current drama Blackstone — but Moore holds my attention as the crusading protagonist.

Carrie-Ann Moss

Carrie-Anne Moss – a model-turned-actress-turned-respected-actress one of her earliest roles was in a Canadian TV series called Matrix…and ironically what largely cemented her Hollywood fame was in the completely unrelated Matrix movies. Weird, huh? An actress who, arguably, is getting more attractive as she gets older, supplemented by an aura of sceptical intelligence in her roles.

Enuka Okuma

Enuka Okuma – as probably the oldest of the rookies on Rookie Blue, Okuma’s career dates back at least to the TV drama Madison. Projecting intelligence with a girl next door beauty, and a dazzling smile, Okuma has always been a welcome presence (usually on the small screen) in both regular roles (like Sue Thomas FBEye) and guest turns.

Grace Park

Grace Park – a beautiful actress with an engaging, sympathetic personability on screen, whether playing the good gal killer robot on Battlestar Galactica (that’s a cylon to sci-fi geeks) or the earnest liaison agent in The Border. I remember writing during The Border that filmmakers should give her work before she drifts south to Hollywood…well, no one listened, I guess, and now she’s down south on the re-imagined Hawaii 5-0. Idjits!

Meaghan Rath

Meaghan Rath — okay, though Rath’s roles include a number of earlier teen series, I haven’t actually seen her in much other than the North American version of Being Human — not a lot to base a lasting assessment on. But she’s just irresistibly appealing in that and I’d certainly keep an eye out for other things she’s in.

Come back next time for the final 11

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